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Minecraft Skin Converter

Minecraft Skin Converter

Want to convert your old Minecraft skin (64x32) into the shiny new 64x64 format? It's easy, just use this free tool!

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Frequently* Asked Questions


Q: Why would I want to do this? I don't get it...

A: Because the new Minecraft skin format is awesome.
You can design different arms and legs and you can customize an additional clothing layer for each body part! Read More...


Q: Does this tool allow me to design my skin?

A: No, this tool isn't a skin designer. This tool will take your existing skin and mirror your current arm and leg.
By doing this, it will allow you to use your favorite tool to customize the design of your arms and legs.


Q: How much does it cost to convert my skin?

A: Free, zilch, kostnadsfri, gratis. Enjoy!


Q: Oh, sounds cool. How can I edit my skins after conversion?

A: We're bias, but we think our Skin Studio app is pretty dandy.
It works on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android (phones and tablets) or on your Amazon Kindle Tablet.
They're official Minecraft apps. Oooo, official.

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Unlike our Skin Studio app, this tool isn't official.

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